Resin Printer - Resin and Removal

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Resin Printer - Resin and Removal

Post by philipy » Wed Feb 03, 2021 1:56 pm

Jerry Irwin recently put a stress test of his resin printed FR type couplings on YouTube ( ). I was impressed by the apparent strength of the resin so I asked him what it was and this is his answer:

" Resin is Monoprice BLACK

I do give it a UV light soak for 8 hours after I print.

Tip..( not wishing to teach you to ‘suck eggs’… )

To remove from bed plate…

First give bed plate and print a good wash in Methylated spirits ( I find this works much better than den-alchohol. )

Then put plate and print in deep freeze for 1 hour.

Then remove and immediately pour boiling water over the plate and print.

Then rinse under cold tap.

Then remove the print.. It will just fall off.

Then another rinse in Meths ( clean new )

Then into the UV BOX…"

I asked him if it would be OK to post that reply on here and he replied:
"Yes, sure , mention it where you like..

If it helps others then that’s grand.."

Then he said:

"The other tip I forgot to mention to ensure good first layer...

I set mechanical height using empty bath and no paper.

Only reset when got through a bottle of resin.

Always filter the resin when pouring into Bath.

Resin is left in Bath with extra cover over top.

Prior to printing I always stir the resin.

I also drive the head down into the resin manually until ‘bottom’ outs

I then raise by 10 mm. lower by 10 mm ect for 5 times .

I then leave the bed at bottom most position before I start printing.

This process I think !!! removes all air trapped on face of build plate.

I am using Elegoo Mars ( about 18 months old. )

Still on original lcd and only changed fep once ( last week )"

I thought this info might be useful to somebody, coming as it does from a guy who clearly is able to produce very nice resin prints. This only came this morning so I haven't tried any of it myself.

Jerry, thanks very much for sharing your knowledge.

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