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Post by Annie » Mon Dec 21, 2015 4:14 pm

Wot I was thinking is that I really need a small and handy tank engine for the Kotanga Tramway as I built 'Emily' to be somewhat of a mainline loco and she's a fairly strapping lass.

As I am in possession of a magnificent dark red Meccano No: '1' clockwork motor and I like 'clockers' I thought I would build a loco based on this drawing.......


But if I was to stretch the length by about 20% like this.......

.......I think I would have the makings of a really useful loco. As is usual I would build the model in wood and cardboard. Model 'T' railcars are all very nice, but I've decided that the Kotanga Tramway wasn't one for mucking about with these new fangled IC devices.

I should really start my own thread too and stop hi-jacking this one :oops:
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